Recently I have had some very unfortunate luck with what I can refer to as a local music venue. The venue decided they no longer wanted to put bands on. Apparently being a wine bar is a better option.


Within my local town there are a few music venues. All of which seem to be very particular about who they work with and won’t let anyone else try. This I believe causes a problem within towns and makes it hard for certain genres to get any play. Since the news I have no venue for certain shows I have noticed the lack of support for unsigned music by venues. I have been working hard to save the shows I do have to make sure bands get to showcase to. the crowds of kent.

I work extremely hard to put on local shows and I know a few other promoters that do too. A combination of the love of covers bands and the rise of pay to play venues is causing a lot of promoters to give up what they love doing. Amongst this issue there a few local venues in kent who really shine through. The teams that run them love live music and really don’t care what genre it is.


I have a major love and respect for the guys at The Harp Restrung in Folkestone. Chris and Mel are the live music dream team. They both love live music and local bands. Even recently with the numbers at shows falling, they open up and make sure every show is amazing and all are welcome to them. This couple are the what every promoter dreams of and I love working with them. If you are ever wanting a good show and a fun night out please check out The Harp Restrung.

I have been to a lot of local venues in my life. I used a fair few for shows too. There are not many local venues left now anywhere in the uk. A lot of promoter friends and booking agent friends are being let down by a venue at short notice or even unfortunately the venue closes completely. This is becoming a national problem unless you happen to be a venue the size of O2 arena.

There is only one way the existing local venues are going to survive and that is with your help!. Check out your local bar that does music. `Go to a show you wouldn’t normally go to. Pop out for that drink you wanted with the guys and enjoy the band. This is seriously all you have to do. When I was younger this is all people did no matter the night of the week.

This rule was clearly created for music venues and the local scene in the uk, “use it or lose it”!!!!

Shout out to the bands in the photos

Cover Photo: Sink or Swim

Top Photo: H_ngm_n

Bottom Photo: Praeter

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