Go to a show….yes or no?

I love going to a live show. I am happy to pay entry fee to support live music and I am not fussed how much that is. I recently spent £200 on tickets for a show, yes it was black sabbath but I still paid to see a band. I have spent a lot of money on going to shows and because of that I have some amazing memories with some fabulous people.

I went to my first show as a child and am thankful for having a parent who loved music. I think it’s so sad now to see parents in this day and age, only see music as a hobbie. It is also sad to see in the economical climate we are in, venues still choose to restrict themselves with an age restriction. If you teach kids at a young age on how to act in an environment such as a pub or music venue then they will have more respect for these spaces when they are Older. It will also give them the respect and love for their music scene, because at the en o the day that’s what it is, THEIR music scene. 

Every now and then within the music industry the discussion of going to live shows and the poor turnouts at gigs arises and it is a reoccurring conversation. I find this conversation heart breaking as I go to shows but I also put on shows. I have seen packed out shows and I have seen shows with six people show up. Us promoters work hard and put our own money in to each show along with a lot of time. We have so much hope in each show we host and look forward to seeing people coming through the door to support the bands we have asked to play. 

There are a few things that can happen and that affect a show such as weather, location etc but the main thing that effects it is the lack of fans leaving their homes to show support for their scene or favourite band. Music isn’t about money, it’s about people. The people that do come to shows still and show their support by buying merchandise and liking a bands Facebook page, are of all ages but these are the people who have been introduced to music by a good friend or a family member. They have been taught how to show respect for a show and the music, they have been shown what is important in the music world and if they want it to be around then they need to show the love. 

More people. Need to introduce friends and family members in to the live music scene. They need to invite people song when they go out, they need to ask venues if they can bring their children and then things will start to happen.

People need to understand that if they want live music to continue and be around for a lot longer and give the next generation the ability to fall I love with music. They need to go to shows and show support. You will only moan when it’s gone!

I would love to hear your comments on this, let me know what you think.

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  1. 10/01/2018

    Totally right Emma. As a musician myself there is nothing worse than seeing a small audience. But you still give it your all and hope the faithful few spread the word for the next gig. As a regular busker I always try and catch the eye of kids as they are the next generation of musicians and concert goers. So if they have an experience to remember, they will return again. Keep music live!

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