Our amazing Interviewer Jack has spoken to the rapper, Mugzy & asked the questions we needed to learn a little more about him.


When and why did you start producing music?

So (Rewind) I became interested in hip-hop music and the culture of hip-hop when i was late 14 (probs 15) so 2005 my early years in High School

 around that time i guess you could say i was a bit of a loner which caused me to get punk’d/bullied alot
also my grades were failing an i had no avenue where i would be in life when i finished school
, So instead i bought myself an IPod an started listening to artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent, Tupac. 

Eminem was the one i could related to the most (Even to this day) I know It sounds cliché because im a typical whiteboi myself but just the Aggression/Anger in his wordplay/lyrics. 
It kinda gave me a voice to say I Dont give a f*** a platform to fight back an take no sh** in this world

. Starting Off i would drop down small rhymes in my workbook but i knew if i wanted to progress i would have to write full lyric songs 
Also i knew if i wanted to be known or respected by the general hip hop community who loves it as much as i do then i would have to do my homework take a trip back in time where it all started in the 70s of South Bronx and learn bit by bit. I’ve been in the game for 13 years, 
Done 2 Albums, Radio Play/Magazine Articles WORLDWIDE, Fan base WORLDWIDE, Featured in Multiple Independent Films/TV Commercials
The List goes ON an ON an i havnt stopped yet. 

Hip-Hop changed my life completely i’ll rep it till the day i die i love it to much…..Saved my life

Mugzy is a very unique name; how did you come up with this and why did it stick with you as an artist?

….Sigh ok this was def a learning kerb but ill still tell the readers for a good laugh ;)

Well when i was starting off (like FIRST got into hip hop and claimed to be a rapper)
i use to do Gangsta Rap (..sigh) i would write down lyrics about Shootin Guns, Drugs, Gangs all that type of stuff (Crime Life) even though it wasnt my life (Looking back i was doing it way before Slim Jesus lol)
I think it was because of the early 00s it was such a cool image to portray (Wigger Life)
Like we had G-Unit who just came out and everyone wanted to be like 50 with rockin the Du-Rag, Baseball Cap, Basketball Jersey, Bling the whole lot (Yes i rocked all of that back in the day i was Wigger-Out)
My first Rap-Name i decided to go with was “Ryder-Reyne” (…Sigh you cant make that sh** up lol haha) like my real name is “Reyne Brady” as in rain but spelt diff so yeah i started with that
(Maybe if i was in today’s current hip hop scene i could get away with it because every artist now has a fake persona but back then….damn what a joke)

 So One Night i was watchin the 2004 Comedy Movie Soul Plane (Still to this day one of my all time fav comedies) with “Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart, Method Man & Tom Arnold”
Method Man’s character was a layed back funny/qwerky outspoken hip hop sorta guy called “Muggsy”

As i was watchin the movie it instantly hit me like “wow his character is a lot like my persona”
So when the credits rolled up i checked out the name and thought “hmm instead of spellin it the same how about i use one G and switch the S to a Z so it comes out Mugzy” and i decided to roll with it and aye its clicked ever since
Hopefully later on down the road of my career i get to meet “Method Man” so i can tell him that story haha

Were there any mentors to help you? If so who; or did a lack of a mentor help you to create your own style of music?

It sounds cliché to say but its def gotta be “Eminem”
He was the one who broke that barrier of hip hop from it bein predominantly a black domain of music like he gave white rappers a voice to be heard in this culture

I know before he came into the scene there were SOME white artists such as “Beatie Boys, 3rd Bass, RA The Rugged Man” aye even the likes of “Vanilla Ice” BUT i dont think they had a big enough impact on the scene like Eminem did
(His the Elvis of hip hop)

Do you play any instruments yourself? If so what instruments?

As a kid real real young my first incounter with music was that i tried to learn guitar but i gave that up because i wasnt feelin it (plus the instructor was a jerk haha)

So i guess the only instrument i play now is my vocals haha

What were your biggest influences when developing your sound and lyrics?

My top 5: 50 cent, Tupac Shakur, Eminem, DMX, NaS

Why/how did these influences speak to you on a personal level?

50 Cent: When he blew up in the early 00s everyone wanted to be like 50
Even all the whiteboi’s (including myself) rocked the chains, du-rags, baseball caps, jerseys etc etc haha…..sigh yes i did the whole wigger act back in the day…maan i was a mess
Come on it was the times mannn it was a starting point haha sooo corny but i can now look back on it and laugh
But Yo “Get Rich Or Die Tryin” is INSANE (Still to this day) every joint on that album is pure FIRE (G-Unit Forever)

Tupac: What more can i say beyond his name there will never be another Tupac the guy is iconic and a legend in the hip hop game….i reckon if he was still alive he probs could of ran for president 😉

Eminem: I suppose he speaks for all the whiteboi’s who want to get into this hip hop culture
I know it probs sounds cliché to say because i’m white myself but i reckon he was the main one who broke that barrier of hip hop which was formally a black domain of music
For a chance to give white rappers a chance to be heard and atleast respected
I know we had White Artists before Em like “3rd Bass, Beastie Boys, House Of Pain” aye even “Vanilla Ice” but i dont think they had a big enough impact on the scene like Em did (His the Hip Hop Elvis)

DMX: Raw Gritty so imma stay Sh***y are you with me haha
I love X because of his raw aggressive attitude but also with powerful, catchy lyrics you will never forget through his message
I feel like in my career my flows/vibes are alot like X

NaS: Come on maaaan what else can i say “Illmatic” is a hip hop classic and No:1 Album to go too
If “Illmatic” isnt in your recommendations then im sorry but you aint hip hop hahaha go bump some “Lil Yachty” Sh*** …….PS “Lonzo Ball”

A lot of artists have a story behind their success, what is your story behind the music?

My music is for the people who dont give a f*** who dont go by all these rules/regulations in life
The ones who have taken to much sh** so its time to voice ya opinion an say f*** the world
To be yaself an live FREE

A lot of rappers now like to preach about their money, the women and the drugs; what made you stick with talking about real issues in your own life and community?

Alot of artists now-a-days seem to be doing this Auto-Voice, Quick Syllable rhyming (Which half the time makes no sense), Plain Beat Futurist GARBAGE

 New artists AND SOME Old artists too (who change their ways just because its popular) seem to all be doing it
Its like this massive pool of trash doin the same thing over an over there is no uniqueness anymore
and their all fighting for this one spot which is the dream BUT? you all sound the same?

With me i grew up in the generation of hip hop where lyrics & making your music sound TIGHT was everything to the listener and ive stuck by that from day 1 
I’ve been told from me stayin this way its made me unique
Like when people see me they instantly know im hip hop affiliated and thats because back then in the 90s/00s character/image was everything too

(I havnt caught the bus like the rest who are following these trends i waited at the bustop haha)

But in sayin that because i dont stick with the trends i keep myself 100 original It becomes more of a challenge to get seen. 

But i rather stay REAL with hip hop then sell myself short

. NaS once said Hip Hop is DEAD
T to me! as a REAL Hip Hop head i 100% agree with him. 

Underground artists are keepin it REAL 
But Mainstream is DEAD it aint Hip Hop anymore its Hip POP. 

Todays generation dont know what they listenin to PERIOD

, So i wanna bring Hip Hop back to what it ONCE WAS

Are there any rappers you know locally that you would like to work with in future?

None that i can think of :/ 

But aye if they wanna reach out to me and wanna work im not gonna say No
(Any exposure is GREAT Exposure)

What was your personal favourite memory performing? Where and why?

Back in 2012 i was doing a TONE of gigs LEFT..RIGHT and CENTRE. 
I came across a street flyer for a talent competition called URBANSTAR which was catered only towards (Hip Hop & RnB) On the flyer it had a picture of Chris Brown with a promo msg saying (BECOME THE NEXT HIP HOP/RNB SUPERSTAR)

I contacted the promoters on Facebook to find out more about the event like (What the prize was? How many contestants, Judges etc etc)
They said One of the judges on the night will be a guy called “Marcus Pernell” who was a producer at DEF JAM/UNIVERSAL
From hearing that i knew i had to put my name down for this event ASAP and give this performance my ALL

On the night there were about 30 contestants (I was one of the last ones to go on) and ALL of them did cover songs (I was the only one who did original material)

I performed my track “Keep On Rapping” which is the 3rd track on my first album “Ride Or Die
Two of the judges scored me with a 0 but Marcus scored me with a 10/10 and it completely blew my mind just knowing someone who is that high in the industry who has probs worked with artists i inspire to be like enjoyed my performance

After the event we had a bit of a chat about my career, what got me into hip hop & what i think about the scene, why i want to make it etc etc, which later on made us close friends
(R.I.P Marcus)

With your latest Album released in 2013; whats the plan for the future? Will we be seeing another Album?

I actually want to get back into the studio ASAP
My 2nd album (Understand Me) released in 2013 so its been 4yrs (Almost 5) since ive released anything NEW ive kinda been slackin on music because i’ve been getting into alot of acting 
But i miss music sooo much specially the high/adrenaline of crafting new work
so ive got a tone of work to do (Blueprint stages)

At the moment i have a TONE of beats on my ipod 
most are other peoples instrumentals even from the likes of Greek Producer “Yanni”
but when i sit back an listen to them i can hear them sounding like masterpieces
so when the time comes ill figure out how to use them

 Also for my 3rd album i want to do a 2disk an pile as much music/craft out as possible
. Thats all i can say at this point nothing more. 
Cant wait its gonna be one hell of a rollercoaster….2018 fans will def hear something once again from Mugzy 😉

Your Youtube channel is full of Accapella versions of your music; Personally I like how you’ve stripped the music down to pure lyrics to allow the viewer to really process your words but what is your thought process behind the videos?

Halfway through 2016 i was constantly getting msgs by all these diff blogs/sites/facebook pages etc saying “Hey can we feature you or share your page” and i thought? to branch myself out more towards their viewers/followers/fans why dont i jus do acapella/shout out vidz for them to post up
More & More scene what i was doing and then would hit me up saying “Do one for me an ill post it” and yeah it jus clicked (Good way of getting out there and its simple too)
Obviously as a musician it would be hard to pick a song that is your ‘favourite’ but what track can you distinctly remember being a lot of fun to produce and why?

(My Journey) its my fav track ive done so far in my career i think it has all the elements i want plus its a track that explains me as a whole towards listeners

The story behind the track is
When Pablo & I were finishing up our last run on (Understand Me) he asked what i wanted the final track to be? Originally i wanted it to be “Aussie With An American Attitude” but the vibe of that track is more story telling and looking back on it i could see what he meant when he told me “it doesnt really send off an impact to end off the album”
That was the final track i had when beginning this album in the first place so i was stuck like “crap what do i do or write about to end it off?”

Around that time in 2013
50 Cent, Eminem, Adam Levine’s song My Life was POPPIN everywhere topping the charts in multiple areas across the globe
When i heard it…luck struck me straight away and i knew i had to write a Mugzy version about “My Journey” Explain the path
(1st Verse) Misery is how it started, No Scenery i harvest, Always shred a tear of Heartless Pain Became my Darkness, Hit me when i was 15

(2nd Verse) Drop down rhymes needed material, Started writing songs then hit the studio
(3rd Verse) Hip Hop had my mind set, I learned more about the culture to build my rep, the founding fathers the 4 elements to take me further

It was a blueprint structure of the elements on how i started to where i am now
The next session at the studio i showed Pablo and the rest is history

If you listen to “My Journey” in the instrumental there are a few similarities with the electric guitar and orchestra

Was all the music you made a memorable experience or did some hit closer to home emotionally?

Everything i’ve recorded & released have been memorable yes
From the wigger-cornyness of (Ride or Die)
to the meaningfullness of (Understand Me)
Its all learning curbs and adrenaline high feeling knowing your gonna release this to the WORLD

I know you have performed a variety of live performances but what one (if there is just one) really stuck out for you as a memorable performance; could be the the venue, the people there or the general atmosphere but what really made you think ‘wow they’re loving me and my music’? (why was it such a great experience?)

Well I’ve mentioned the URBANSTAR 2012 One with Marcus from Def Jam (R.I.P)

So I wouldnt say in my music career id say all around LIFE
But the ONE who ill never forget because still to this day blows my mind and i wish i could go back in time to meet once again
Would have to be my childhood hero Walter Emanuel Jones who played (Zack Taylor/Original Black Ranger, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) that day would of had to of been the best day of my life 100%

The Story goes
He was doing a meet & greet sesh alongside Austin St John (Original Red Ranger) Last year at Sydney’s SUPANOVA Pop Culture Expo. 

My brother and i woke up super early to get down to the event
. When we arrived at the DOME it was completely packed and i thought (urghh im never gonna meet him with this amount of people)

We then rocked up to his signing table and can you believe i was the 1st and ONLY one waiting for him to come out (True dedicated fan right here haha) At the same time i was shocked because i thought it would of been packed out

I had to wait an 1hr for him to arrive (Made sure i got there super early)
When he finally rocked up he looked at me put his hand out an said “Wassup man im Walter good morning” from him standing right infront of me just knowing this is my childhood hero that ive wanted to meet for soo many years and now we are face to face i was LEGIT shaking & stuttering
But then i had to catch myself so i took in a deep breath and crazy as it seems we were chatting like two best friends it was incredible

So his like “So my man do you want an Auto or Picture?” i said “Gotta have a pic man” His like “Do you wanna pose or do you wanna morph it up to the camera” i said “We gotta morph man”
So we both grabbed the Power Ranger Morphers and out of no where this crowd of people surround us like an audience and then he goes “You ready man? 3, 2, 1” and we both said “ITS MORPHIN TIME” and the crowd went WILD

. Just doing that famous catch phrase from the TV show that i use to do as a kid while running around wanting to be like him NOW ACTUALLY doing it with him next to me i legit wanted to cry i aint gonna lie (Like i said before it was the best day of my life)

As an artist you are bound to make mistakes during live performances, how do you get over this?

Haha great question
Never with BIG performances like myself knowing that its gonna be a HUGE crowd
Even though i’ve performed my album (Understand Me) multiple times (lost count) i still practise each n every time weeks in advance that someone puts me on for a gig
Diff hand movements, flow progression etc….Like even if its performing the track infront of the mirror or my room i will have my headphones on and ipod playing the beat and then ill visualise the crowd being infront of me (probs sounds stupid) but it really does work 100% of the time

I’ve stuffed my lines up with small crowds before like (Youth Centre or Bar gigs) and how i counteract that is i quickly close my eyes and zone out from the crowd to listen/focus which part of the beat its on and it naturally comes back (only for a second…if its for a few seconds then your f***) its like a reflex vibe haha

I’ve seen your videos with Stimulated sessions and thought they were very informative into finding out the man behind the music; Have you had any other sessions with anyone else?

Haha i kinda like that “The man behind the music” its like “The man behing the mask” (batman talk) haha

. Another one that comes to mind was 
Being on The Verkos Show was fantastic Host “Anastasia Verkos” is a beautiful woman she is the white angel oprah in a sense haha and we still keep intouch
the show has gone on to bigger and better things such as now shes in UK and i think gonna go to USA with it too…She is an incredible woman so watch out oprah


Have you ever performed at a competition at any point in your career? If so what and when or is there a competition you are interested in competing in the future?

2012 URBANSTAR is the only one that comes to mind

. Through-out my career i’ve applied for multiple competitions such as the likes of
Australia’s Got Talent and Big Brother
The reason bein is

(Australia’s Got Talent)
 Back in 2011 there was a rapper by the name of “Matt White AKA The Bandit” that went on the show and if i remember correctly he came 3rd in the whole comp/show which catapulted him onto great exposure and bigger connects through-out his career
. From how hard i’ve worked in my career (countless hrs) i thought that AGT would of been a perfect platform to catapult my career aswell
I applied (2 times) and wasnt successful…in a sense i was annoyed but ehh its the industry

(Big Brother)
At first i didnt think much of it
But my friends were constant at me like “Apply…Apply” from the fact that Big Brother never has had a hip hop contestant on the show before and it would 100% bring a new flavor/concept for viewers to watch
So i applied (3 times) for Big Brother and each n every time i fell short…So ill leave them with the jersey shore looking guys and make the show more plain each n every yr haha

What’s your process behind making your music? Do you have any rituals you do before warming up or writing?

Personally im the type of artist that writes alot of lyrics/songs with-out a beat
I feel my BEST work comes out more that way

Then when i hit the studio i tell the producer what vibe the track will be like through the concept of the lyrics whether it be a (conscious rap, dance/party track, meaningful etc etc)

When the beat is produced up that is when i puzzle the words into the beat
Mix & Match words and lines in the flow of the beat

Unique/strange way of doing it but aye atleast its brought me some JAMZ

Have you got any advice for people just starting out in the rap game?

The BEST advice i can give to any artist who wanna get into the music industry is this,
Dont think ya gonna be an overnight celeb when you FIRST pick up the pen thinking its all fun & games making it look easy because its 100% NOT
This industry will cheat you in so many different ways its not funny
it will bring you to your knees to the point of failure and making you doubt yourself of always wanting to give up

But if your willing to hustle daily because inside you generally love hip hop or love MUSIC and are willing to go down that long hard road of wanting this dream more than anything else in the WORLD combined
(Not because its a phase, Not because you want stardom, Not because you wanna be a Celeb)
If its because of the LOVE & HIP HOP then you have my 100% FULL RESPECT

Also If someone wants to get into the culture of Hip-Hop or wants to REP it to the FULLEST then i say do your homework on the craft/culture before you ENTER
Like Everything from
The Start in the 70s till Now
The founding fathers Grandmaster Flash, Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, Kurtis Blow etc etc
The 5 Elements (MCing, Djing, Breakin, Graffiti, Knowledge)
The Block Parties in 1520 Sedgwick Avenue South Bronx NY
Different Styles/Commercial Success such as Lyrics, Artists, Songs, Clothing etc etc
The List goes ON n ON

Because REAL Hip-Hop heads can smell a REAL to a FAKE
If you want RESPECT in this culture then learn where it came from

Furthermore, is there any advice you can give about showmanship when performing; As you know it’s a start having good music but you want the audience to feel your performance on a personal level! How do you achieve this?

Even though im an underground artist when i walk on stage (doesnt matter how big the crowd is) i visualise myself being like the ICON’s i look up too (like a role play sort of speak)
Its like i fuel the hip hop vibe through my blood and think “This is who i am…nothing will stop me to this dream…if you dont like me so be it (Middle finger)” Then the beat drops and the rest is history

You have to look at it on a stand point of how much do you want this dream to be a reality
If nerves or putting yourself down or “i cant do this” is screaming in your head constant and holding you back then your always gonna run
Take a step back and realize how much you want it…..Simple as a pimple

How do you balance your music with your other obligations – Work, family, friends etc?

It does get hard also very stressful at times depends how badly you want it to happen which is a brainwashing thing because it can lead to making enemies out of the people who were once close with you (Risky Sh**)
Like 2 of my good friends are succeeding in what they wanted out of life
One is going to be a registered Psychologist & one is a chemical engineer (Random Group of friends right? lol) Rapper, Psychologist & Engineer but it works so well if ya knew us in person haha
Anyways they are VERY high on life VERY positive VERY happy and this is where we get heated at each other because they dont understand my avenue 
like their avenues are just through University (which USA call it college) & if you dedicate 100% of your time to your subject HIGH chance you will receive something in the end
Music doesnt do that because its such a cut-throat industry & most of the time you constantly feel cheated in life like for instance i work my ass off to the bone DAILY and still dont make a mark NEXT minute i turn on the tv & some 14yr old is touring the world with some Youtube Bullsh** Single
Seeing stuff like that you start to lose yourself/lose your mind & you start hating everything such as the world/people around you,& you cant think positive ya views are more negative
See thats the control it has over your life when ya want something so bad to happen So yes it does effect relationships with friends/family

In your opinion do you think music has made a positive impact on your life?


 Haha i think its the fact people know you as a rapper like (Hey we know that guy from the Coast his a rapper? OR ohh yeah Mugzy the hip hop guy?)

Its that warm feeling knowing your kinda like a local town celebrity just from the craft you make

So what can we expect in the immediate future from Mugzy?

Im always on Facebook i think i use it way to much (But doesnt everyone haha)

So hit up my fanpage link here at

There you will find everything ive done in my career so far 
(Gigs, Releases, Got To Meet etc etc)

Also it will keep you UPDATED with future things along the way in my career 
(Such as updates on 3rd album) 

My Reverbnation BANDPAGE profile is attached (ALL TRACKS FREE DOWNLOAD)
Youtube Attached (See interviews and Live performances)
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So yeah drop me a line about anything even if its to chat (ALWAYS tend to get back to everyone)

Dont forget to give me a LIKE too the more LIKES the better!

Thank you very much for your time in the interview, I wish you all the best in the future, big fan of your music I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for future stuff! – Jack


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