It can be quite hard to find something positive within the merchandise and streetwear industry these days. Well thats what I thought until I found X My Life My Truth X on instagram. The brands website portrays its positive message encouraging you to “Stay positive, stay true and believe in yourself and your dreams”. 

X My Life My Truth X is a lifestyle streetwear brand which is different to the others that are out there. It promotes self positivity and self belief. It shows young people they can be whatever they want to be if they believe and its ok to be different. This is the kind of message in todays society that we should be teaching the next generation. All the models used for the site are different in some way to help promote this too.

The Brand is owned by the loveliest guy who really does support the music scene with all his heart. Jason created his brand taking influence from all the positive aspects of the hardcore scene and way of life. This came about from his days of being the bassist for the Bristol based Hardcore band No Warning Shot. During his time in the band, he has played with some of the scenes greatest such as Madball, Sick Of It All and H20. He truly knows what it means to support the scene. 

I have personally purchased t-shirts and other items from the brand and they are very reasonably priced and I believe in their positive outlook. The clothing is of really good quality and fits well. I love the designs and I get a lot of complements when I wear them from people within the alternative scene.

Later on I will be doing a full interview with Jason on his brand and the scene. So please keep an eye out on the page for this. In the mean time if you are interested in checking out X My Life My Truth X then click here

Once you have browsed the site please use HARDCORE_STILL_LIVES to get 15% off all full price items in the store. This is a little gift from me and Jason to my readers. If you do buy anything share a pic with us on this post. I would love to hear also what you guys have to think about the company.

I look forward to seeing your pics and reading your comments.

X Em X












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