Hard rock and metal fusing four piece Alive in Lights are celebrating their 6th year as a band this year and have recently told us at EMV about their opinions on the music scene and how being in a band has changed since they started.

Alive in Lights started out in September 2013 and after two line up changes, you see the band as they are today. Pulling influences from bands such as Breaking Benjamin and Alexisonfire the band have evolved together and really found their sound.

The bands current line up is made up of Scott (guitar & Vocals), Cod (Lead Guitar), James (Bass & Vocals) and Jay (Drums).  The band have started this year off to a strong start having booked headline shows and are currently working on new material to do toward their second EP. 

The Kent based band have been a staple on the kent music scene for the past few years. They can be seen playing shows of all shapes and sizes in all different venues. If they are not playing a show you normally will find them out and about supporting local bands and local shows. Jay even took supporting the scene so far that he set up his own promotions company called system promotions and actively puts on shows in The Harp Restrung in Folkestone a few times a month.

I spoke to the boys about their thoughts of the current state of the local music scene and why venues are disappearing. The response from the guys came over with a lot of passion and anger at the idea a scene that they are part of and enjoy could be killed because “so many people go to shows and watch you through their phones” or because of live streaming on social media, meaning people stay at home and watch it on their phones. The guys strongly believe that the old skool way of promotion using flyers and building a circle of friends/fans that support your shows is the way bands need to return too. The band actively still do this before every show to help boost potential numbers and get their name out in to the town. 

The guys can be actively seen promoting their band on social media and in the public and they work very hard to find shows. Speaking to them about how being in a band has changed since they started they mentioned how “people expect to be given the opportunities” rather than work for them. We discussed the idea of some bands believing that finding a record label is the main goal of being in a band and their thoughts on this.

Scott told me about a video he saw on youtube on this matter “I saw a video online, it was a really good video about kids being in bands. They messaged this guy and asked how to get noticed. The guy told them to fuck it, its not about your music and sending in your music. Its about having your fanbase to support you. You don’t see a record label as the end goal you see your audience as the end goal”.

I can say personally I have seen the handwork and effort this band put in to progress in the industry and within the scene. The band themselves are role models for lots of young bands in the scene which is now showing growth and a lot of potential due to input from acts such as Alive in Lights.

Check out the guys at their facebook to keep up to date with everything they are up to.



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