Sore Teeth
We would like to introduce you to SoreTeeth, the Hardcore Punk Band from Hampshire:…….
Tell us about about the band….
Sore Teeth are a 3 piece Hardcore Punk Band from Fleet in Hampshire. We play loud, fast, angry heavy music with as many swear words as possible. Sore Teeth started out over a conversation me (Ross) and Chris were having when i was cutting Chris’s hair, I said to him I’ve written some song’s and have started learning how to record and mix music and wouldn’t it be cool to record some songs, thats when Chris piped up and said he plays bass and loves punk rock and with that history was in the making. Sore Teeth were formed or should i say Cleveland as the first 6 months of the band we went by the name of Cleveland before we decided to change the name to Sore Teeth.
What’s your favourite part about being a band
Defiantly playing live shows, any excuse to make a fool out of our selves in front of people or show off in front of people and vent anger. Although what with being able to stream live on Instagram and Facebook as well as other social media outlets we have found a whole new audience to perform to. Love all the social media outlets we have available to us these days, It gives us more opportunity than ever to promote our music and spread awareness of Sore Teeth. What with more and more local venues closing down these days we needed somewhere to play our music and the live streams seems to be giving us that platform to perform in front of people and connect with fans and might i say puts us right in front of the correct people (the Hardcore fans and punk fans) plus we have been able to pick up more fans abroad and across the pond were the scene seems much bigger. This has aloud us to grow our fan base plus make some really cool friends and band connections in other countries and i think thats so cool. Like recently we were hanging out at the Runktion Records Anniversary Show at the Unicorn in Camden and we decided to stream live on Instagram and capture some of the atmosphere of a London Hardcore show and one of our fans said “This is really cool I’m sitting at home in New York but watching a Hardcore show in London, thanks guys for showing us your scene” how cool is that.
What’s your best experience as a band?
For me it was when we turned up to play a show in Maidenhead where we have never played before and when we came on stage and started playing half the audience knew the words to our song “Fuck You In The Head” and sang along, That i thought was really cool to see people sing along to your songs. Plus that night the audience was amazing which is always nice to get appreciation for your music.
Where would be your dream place to play and why? 
I think for me its got to be CBGB in New York before it got closed down back in the day, because so many of my favourite bands started off there or were involved in the scene there back in the day. Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Madball, Skarhead the list goes on. As you might of guessed I’m massively into the NYHC scene and have been majorly influenced by loads of those bands in my song writing.
What’s been your favourite gig and why? 
Favourite gig to date has got to be the Anchor in Maidenhead, think I’ve already mention that. I think also our first show will always hold a strong spot in our hearts one for being our first show but also we played with some really cool bands which have become really good friends of ours and since then we have played many shows with them. That venue was called Sanctuary and that was in Basingstoke but sadly that venue has been closed down. Which is a shame as that was a cool place to play because there was always a good turn out so good punk scene in Basingstoke.
Where would you like the band to be in 5 years time? 
Still going obviously and managing to get on some really sick tours with some of our favourite bands would be awesome plus getting to play some big festivals and a few more albums out would be cool.
What influences you as a band and your music? 
So if your talking bands I would have to say all the 90,s American punk and hardcore bands hold a strong place in my heart. But i think the bands that have really influenced the Sore Teeth sound of late would have to be a mixture of Agnostic Front, Municipal Waste, Madball, Terror, Sick off It All, Skarhead and H2O. This list could go on but we are heavily influenced by that American sound both live and in the studio. This will make you laugh, little do people know when we started out we were a POP PUNK band LOL, things have certainly changed over the years, when did we get so angry LOL.
If you could create your dream line up for a show what would it be? 
Terror, Madball, Municipal Waste, Sick of It All, Agnostic Front, H2O, Pennywise, NOFX, Goodriddance. Shit the list could go on and on we might have to call it a festival, a four day festival. Luckily I’ve been lucky enough to play with a couple of the bands I’ve mention when i was in a previous band. 
Mental health issues in the industry are becoming more and more prevalent. Have you as a band experienced this and how do you get through it as a band? 
I don’t think its a case of more people have mental health issues in the industry i think its more the case that we are all more aware of it in society these days and are more comfortable about talking about it. But to be fair i think every body got there own issue.    
Do you believe it is important to support the scene your in as a fan aswell as being in a band and why? 
Defiantly because pretty much every Hardcore band started as fans hanging out at the shows, plus if you asked the audience i reckon you would probably find at least half of them are in bands or have been in bands. Its all part of being in a band i think, If you don’t get involved know ones going to want to get you involved. I hope that makes sense.
If you could do one thing to change the music industry, what would it be and why? 
Stop the government from closing down so many venues in this country so us British bands have got some local venues to grow and develop as a band. Where we are from there is not one local venue anymore which i think is really sad as it used to be such a great scene, now theres not anywhere to play or which venues are left don’t promote punk and hardcore bands. I think as one promotor said we don’t do all that hot sweaty angry music. Which is so sad because without the support of the local scene its really hard to get gigs elsewhere because you can’t do gig swaps with other bands in different towns for a gig in there home town which makes it very hard to get gigs around the rest of the country. 
What can we expect from soreteeth in this coming year? 
The album (36’d) will go out on digital release on the 17/08/2018 followed up shortly after with a physical release on cd. Hopefully we will be able to get a load more gigs off the release of our album. Plus we plan to follow up this album shortly afterwards with our second album (maybe even out by the end of the year) as we have already written it and have begun recording preparations already so you never know.
What influenced you as individuals to get in to music?
I remember growing up with music all around me as a kid, as my mum was very musical. So you could say i had a healthy up bring of music from Bruce Springsteen to Led Zeppelin. I always remember the Guns N Roses video Paradise City and being in ore of it and thats when i knew i wanted to play guitar and be a rock star.
Alot of people say the scene is now dead? Do you agree and why? 
I disagree the scene is not dead, the scene has changed. Ok in this country obviously the lack of venues have made it hard for bands. But with all honesty now its so much more easier for bands to get noticed recognition and release music of their own back without having a record label tell them when and what they can’t release. What with all the social media and internet tools bands have these days, you can build a healthy fanbase in months and you can gain valuable international exposer. Of which none of these things were available to bands 20 years ago back then you had no choice but to get a record deal. But now you can do it all DIY if your willing to put in the time. 
What is your opinions on venues doing pay to play? 
So far we haven’t come across any venues doing pay to play and to be fair we wouldn’t bother we would much rather play for a promotor who puts on good bands and digs the music because you know it will be a good show.
As music lovers, do you feel the lack of venues within the UK are affecting the scene and the type of shows available to the public?
yes I feel as time goes on the smaller, easy to access venues will disappear. these venues are essential in our scene (and many others) as they provide the first platform for bands to get out there besides social media.
If you could play in any country in the world, where would it be and why? 
Japan! the fans are insane and we want the songs at the end of our albums to say (live in Tokyo)
What would be the best piece of merch you would like to see the soreteeth name on?
Well its got to be a toothbrush!
I know you guys love going to gigs as that’s how we met. What shows have you got plans to attend this year and will I see you at persistence tour 2019? 
Not sure about this year but we will definitely be at the persistence tour in January!
Check out the boys from SoreTeeth on:
Instagram: @soreteeth
Facebook: SoreTeeth

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