“Heads down, thumbs up” is the new single from Derbyshire based metal band Bury The Traitor.

The five piece metal band have been actively gigging all round the country showcasing their talents to many adoring fans at shows of all shapes and sizes. The skills and passion of this band can be heard in the new single and you can really see how the band are growing and evolving over their time together. 

The single starts with a catchy guitar riff which pulls you right in and the drums make sure from the first note your head is truly moving. The power in the vocals on this single are truly sick. The contrast of Oli and Martyn’s vocals really plays well together to bring the story of the lyrics out. I didn’t stop nodding my head throughout the track. Bury the Traitor“Heads down, Thumbs Up” has a really catchy chorus and when it hits its peak the breakdown is nasty. When it really kicks in you just want to open up a pit and really move. I look forward to more new music from the lads maybe in the form of a new EP. 

Bury the traitor always really bring their A game when they bring out a new song and they well and truly have brought it this time. I can see this song being a massive hit at shows and to be honest if blood isn’t drawn in the pit during this track then I will be greatly surprised. 

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