Formed out of the ashes of Isolate the witness. The guys in Isolate have really kick started their year so far. With gigs booked all over the country and the release of a single, the Leeds based five piece are well worth watching!

The new EP “Koi No Umi” really shows the old and the new members of the band creating a new yet familiar sound. The power within the drums is prevalent though out this EP and it really creates a strong backbone for what I think is a epic introduction to a new band. The power in Jamies vocals really draws you in to each track and shows such a skill within the lead vocalist which is needed to really front this very strong and influential band. 

The EP has created a new sound within the scene drawing major riffs and epic beatdowns in to the mainstream and deep, powerful vocals telling stories of pain and strength to a crowd of avid listeners. The band as a whole are put together of 5 amazing musicians who are highly skilled and bring their own influences to their music. 

i have recently had the privilege of hosting a show for these boys of their last tour. And remembering the band as isolate the witness I had something to compare too. The boys truly took my breath away and I had to listened to every word of every song. The strength and ability is beyond belief and the boys really are bring some serious competition to the current music scene. Having played on some serious line up recently and proving their true worth, I know for a fact that isolate will continue to take the scene by storm and will truly make their mark and make a name for themselves. 

I am more than honoured to say that I have worked with five of the nicest lads and look forward to the next time I get to work with them. If you ever get the chance to see this band play live then you really need too. It is not worth missing!! You will experience the power and epic talent that these boys bring to the stage and also the fun they bring to any pit!

These guys are going to be big. Watch this space!!!




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