The metal five piece from Sheffield that created their own sound using metalcore and deathcore influences have returned with their new EP “the calling”. 

Having worked with Arkdown before and loving their current sound, the new EP got me really excited to see how the boys are growing and developing as a band. I have listened to the new ep a few times and every time I find something new about it that draws me in and makes me realise how talented these guys really are as musicians. 

The five track EP is clearly a creation of five very talented musicians with a lot of passion for what they do. 

The first track of the EP is “wake Up’. The track begins with some serious riffage and the new vocal sound coming from the boys is phenomenal. Like nothing we have heard from before from the arkdown camp. The power and strength from both guitars in the first track really balances the vocals and pulls you in to the song. Making you listen to every word and the chorus sticks in your head making this a possible anthem for the band. 

The second track on the EP is “it calls me” continues the new strong sound of the band. Using the even powerful skills of drummer Alex and the vocal powers of Kyle and Mike. The rapid speed of the track really will get a room moving and keep your head bouncing along to the solid beat.Arkdown

The third track is “mirrors”. This has been released as a single and was my first introduction to the bands new sound. The solid intro and naughty sounding bass grabs you and drags you in to the song. The lyrics of the new song introduce you in to a new world and make you think about things. Listening to the vocals and catching the ever thrilling ting from Alex’s cymbals makes me smile every time. The change in vocal style from the boys is more prevalent in this track and is like nothing I have previously heard from the band. 

The fourth track is “five years” and starts with what I think is a signature or Arkdown and a meaty guitar riff. This track is another one to make you think. For the whole track I soundly stop nodding my head and it gets me more excited to see this EP live. The boys have really outdone themselves.arkdown

The fifth and final track of the EP is “falling”. It opens with a slightly lighter sound. Not as heavy as the previous four but still pulls you in. The vocal sound in this is different also but I love the contrast of the softer sound but still with the really harsh vocal. The lyrics are also of a more emotional subject and really shows how the guys have used their experiences int he last year or so to write their new music and help create there new sound. 

I am super excited to see this EP live and cant wait to hear the response from others to it. I really hope people love the new sound as much as I do. Please go and support this wicked band and show them some love!

Check the boys out on the link below:




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