Tailback are a kent based emotional hardcore three piece. The band have just bought out their new EP “Think or Be”. 

This is the bands second EP and it really does showcase a new sound for them. This EP contains a more emotional and powerful sound from the band and I really love it. 

Having seen the band live many times and discussing their music, I knew something was in the pipeline but this really has knocked my socks off. 

The five track EP showcases the many influences the guys have but also the fact they want to develop their own sound. 

TailBlock have produced five amazing tracks that keep you listening and even singing along. “Heavy Arms” is my fave track, which really keeps me moving. Reminds me of a riff I would expect to hear from jimmy eat world. The five tracks the tailback have produced for this self released EP are full of emotion and raw energy. The lyrics pull you in and make you really connect with the songs. I found myself singing along after having listened to the EP a few times. tailback

The tracks these boys have composed show a great want to progress in life with their music and we can see they are succeeding by the many line ups I see their name popping up on. I look forward to seeing the next show they jump on locally.

check the guys out:



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